Why Myanmar ?

Among Myanmar’s intrinsic strengths are its rich endowments of natural gas, oil, and precious and semi-precious stones—though the experience of other countries shows that resources can be a mixed blessing.. Myanmar accounts for 90 percent of the world’s jade production and is among the top producers of rubies and sapphires. Myanmar also has the 25th-largest endowment of arable land and ten times the per capital water endowment of China and India.

Myanmar is blessed with a large working-age population (aged 15 to 64) estimated at 46 million out of an estimated population of 60 million, and an estimated three million to five million migrants working abroad whose experience would benefit the country if they were to return home. Myanmar is also fortunate in its location at the crossroads between Bangladesh, China, India, Laos, and Thailand, countries that are home to more than 40 percent of the world’s population and are huge potential markets.

In addition, Myanmar is garnering considerable support from multilateral institutions and donors. Sanctions are being lifted, and foreign governments have opened embassies after many years of absence. Dozens of trade delegations have visited Myanmar in the past year alone, an indication of interest from potential investors. Moreover, with little legacy infrastructure in place, Myanmar can use digital technology to avoid some of the cost of a more conventional bricks-and-mortar approach to such sectors as banking, retail, education, health care, and agriculture. It also can build the connections that can give even the poorest communities in remote rural areas access to economic opportunity and public services.

  • Largest country on the mainland of Southeast Asia

  • Long coastline with 2832 km

  • Possesses tremendous economic potentials with a wealth of natural resources spread over more than 676,577 square kilometers

  • Large market size with a population of 54 million

  • Geographically Myanmar lies between the two world’s biggest markets India and China

  • Developing as one of the largest cost-competitive labor force nation

  • Access to regional international markets through of regionalization such as ASEAN, BIMST-EC, GMS

  • Privatization process and restructuring of public enterprises

  • Foreign investment is welcome, special incentives and guarantees being provided.


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