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Myanmar’s real estate market has undergone significant changes in recent years, with the country’s transition to democracy leading to increased foreign investment and economic growth. However, the market remains relatively underdeveloped, with limited infrastructure and regulatory frameworks in place.

One of the key drivers of Myanmar’s real estate market is foreign investment, particularly from neighboring countries like China and Thailand. Much of this investment has been focused on the development of commercial and residential properties in urban centers like Yangon and Mandalay.

The residential sector in Myanmar has seen a significant increase in demand due to a growing middle class and an influx of foreign workers. However, the supply of quality housing remains limited, leading to high property prices and rental rates.

The commercial real estate sector in Myanmar is also experiencing growth, with the construction of new office buildings and retail spaces to accommodate the increasing number of foreign companies setting up operations in the country.

We provide a wide range of professional services related to the buying, selling, renting, and managing of real property. Our common real estate services include:

  • Property Valuation

  • Real Estate Brokerage

  • Real Estate Investment

  • Real Estate Development

  • Land Surveying



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