Myanmar is the final frontier for business opportunity in Southeast Asia. The second largest country in South East Asia (in land size – after Indonesia), Myanmar presents enormous economic potential for foreign investors. Strategically located, its size and stock of human and physical resources is immense. Our group seeks to participate in this exciting journey by acting as a conduit for overseas investors to invest in businesses led by dynamic and visionary Myanmar entrepreneurs who in some instances, will co-invest alongside established international companies.

With her forests, rivers systems, mountain ranges, minerals, gems, cultivable acreage, a long coastline and literate population, Myanmar could be classified as a country rich in natural and human resources.


Myanmar has a vast potential of land resources for further expansion of cultivable land. Prevalence of different agro-ecological tracts has made it possible to grow a multitude of over 60 crops ranging from tropical ones to moderate temperature varieties.

Livestock and Fishery

Myanmar has a long coast line and continental shelf Fishing ground which is relative less exploited. Fresh water fisheries are made possible through vast river systems, and heavy rain falls.


Myanmar is indeed very rich in forest resources as the forest cover about 50 percent of total and area. Teak forest of Myanmar are considered to be one of the largest in the world. Moreover, there are many hardwood and softwood species which can be exploited for processing value-added products commercially.


Myanmar is well endowed with mineral resources and has many famous mines. There are many possibilities to work under foreign investment in various fields of mining. Moreover, quality gems are also mined extensively. Prospects for development of jewellery manufacturing and jade curving is quite evident, and foreign investment in this areas of business is a promising one.


Myanmar is a country with substantial energy resources including crude oil, natural gas, hydropower and coal. The country has the potential to easily meet present and future energy needs at relatively low cost. Transforming the energy sector into foreign exchange earning could well be a promising one in the future.


Myanmar is rich not only in natural resources but also in traditional and cultural heritage, like the city as Bagan, Mandalay, Sagaing, Myauk-Oo and etc., Myanmar also has a variety of natural places such as snowcapped mountain in the north, unspoiled beaches in the west and south and scenes of exotic beauty all over the country. Tourism related business could be a promising one.



We organized United Entrepreneurs Group Co.,Ltd (UEG) with MBA graduates with over 10 years practical experiences starting career from junior staff to executive level in business fields.

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